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Are You Still Hand Polishing Cutlery?

If you are we can save you at least £80.00 per week, that's over £4000.00 per year!

We have been supplying and maintaining Cutlery Polishers to the UK since 1997 & we have had the UK's top selling polisher ever since.

As the name suggests we sell innovative catering devices which are designed to reduce staff costs on a labour intensive repetitive job and enhance standards in any catering/hospitable environment, by delivering pristine polished cutlery in a fraction of the time without compromising on standard. Our machine saves over £80 per week, that equates to over £4000 per year. Do you want to save over £4000 per year?

Do you spend at least one hour per day hand polishing cutlery? 

If so, our machines are cheaper to rent per day than to employ someone on minimum wage, even minimum wage for 16-17 year olds!  Feedback from clients has lead us to believe that the polisher not only saves money, but it allows staff to give better customer service and take and place more orders, which consequently leads to making more money.

Our Cutlery Polishers encompass the benefits of;

  • Effectively removing watermarks
  • Achieve a consistently high sheen
  • Reduce labour costs and free up your waiting staff
  • Remove the need for both purchase and disposal of paper towelling
  • Reduce laundry costs
  • Give a much faster cutlery cleaning turnaround rate
  • Eliminate cross contamination from dirty cloths
  • Allow waiting staff to focus on customer service

We are the UK's leading supplier of commercial quality cutlery polishing machines that pay for themselves in no time!

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