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Are You Still Hand Polishing Cutlery?

If you are we can save you at least £80.00 per week, that's over £4000.00 per year!

If you spend one hour or more per day our machines are cheaper to rent per day than to employ someone on minimum wage to hand polish cutlery. Feedback from clients has led us to believe that the polisher not only saves money, but it allows staff to give better customer service and take and place more orders, which consequently leads to making more money and to repeat custom.

Our Cutlery Polishers effectively remove watermarks, achieves a consistently high sheen, reduces labour costs, frees up your waiting staff (which allows them to take and place more drink orders), removes the need for both purchase and disposal of paper towels or reduces laundry costs, gives a much faster cutlery cleaning turnaround and eliminates cross contamination from dirty cloths. See our purchase and rental guide to see what is best for you. 



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Companies using our Cutlery Polishers

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