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Dear Tony / Declan

Just a thank you for your help in supplying the BT Tower Suite with a cutlery polisher and glass polishing machine. We have found both machines extremely helpful in reducing labour and costs in polishing the cutlery and glasses

I have found both you and Declan very helpful in demonstrating and dealing with any issues we have had.

Once again thank you

Mrs J Cole
General Catering Manager

Dear Simon

Since we have installed the cutlery polisher here at Doxford Hall, if has made a huge difference to our operations.

The machine has cut down significantly on staff hours that we have been able to put to better use within the hotel..  Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your time and efficiency in dealing with the install and would highly recommend this product to anyone else who is considering the purchase or rental of the machine.

Regards C Lyall
Operations Manager

We won't let you back in the building to collect the machine :)

The cutlery machine has proven to be a most useful piece of equipment.

The standard within The Royal Artillery Mess is second to none. The machine has enabled us to maintain the cutlery to a high standard, whilst reducing the amount of chemicals used, it may have in a small way reduced the amount of time taken to complete the task.

We have a high daily plate count at each service, so the cutlery can be polished up to 3 times a day.

I have noticed that less time is needed to inspect the cutlery before tables are laid again saving a little time. The machine is very easy to use and all stewards have had the chance to use it.

I would strongly recommend that The Royal Artillery Mess be issued one on a permanent basis.

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