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Book a Free Trial

“We are so confident that our polishers will save you at least twice what they cost to rent, that we will lend you a polisher for free”

We will take your information and help you decide which polisher to trial, we will then deliver, install and train your staff to use the polisher. If we get the perfect results we are looking for, we will leave the polisher with you for a week. At the end of the week you can buy, rent or simply have the polisher collected, no obligations at all. During this week you will be able to get a clear idea of what you could save in both time and money and the many other benefits our polishers bring.

If you are interested in both our cutlery polishers and glass polishers, we can bring both machines along.  

Why you need a free trial

Even after 17 years of trading and sales of over 3500 in the UK, we still accept that polishers simply don’t work everywhere. Sometimes the dishwasher makes such a poor job of washing the cutlery that we cannot get a result, sometimes it’s a space issue, very rarely it’s a water problem, regardless, you don’t want to buy a polisher and find that you can’t make the promised savings, so always take a trial first!

Simply click here and our local demonstrator will contact you to arrange a trial time and date

Judge us by the companies we keep

Companies using our Cutlery Polishers

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