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How it Works

The Cutlery Polisher delivers consistent, top quality polish and shine every time.

It’s fast, simple to use and saves an enormous amount of labour. Take a look at this quick two minute video to see one of our cutlery polishers in action.

Simply place handfuls of cutlery (repeatedly) into the cutlery polisher, the cutlery must be wet, then after a period of 30-35 seconds your cutlery will begin to emerge perfectly polished. A basket full of cutlery can be polished in a minute!












Important Factors;

1. Make sure your cutlery is wet before placing into the polisher. If your cutlery has time to dry before being polished, it can be placed into a bucket of water after polishing, this will stop calcium forming on the cutlery. Once calcium has formed the only way to remove it is with detergent. 

2. Make sure the machine has been turned on for 20 minutes prior to use, this will ensure the grain is warm enough to polish the cutlery. 

3. Please leave the machine running for a further 20 minutes after use, this will ensure the grain is dry enough to use again. 

4. The UV light keeps the grain hygienic, these need to be replaced yearly, 


A full basket of wet cutlery can polished in 2 minutes!


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