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What will it save?

How Cutlery Polishers Save Time

A skilled employee will hand polish 500 pieces of cutlery per hour, our Mini 3500 will polish 3500 pieces of cutlery per hour, but that’s not the full story...

Our polisher very often moves the polishing operation from front to back of house, the person responsible for washing the cutlery can become responsible for delivering perfectly polished cutlery, from the dishwasher, into the cutlery polisher, onto the table

Most of our customers report that although the polisher saves far more than it costs in terms of labour, the waiting staff who were hand polishing cutlery are now collecting orders for drinks and deserts instead!

Our customers tell us that the real value of a cutlery polisher is over £100.00 per week because not only does it save on labour costs and polishing cloth costs but it helps generate money by freeing up staff to take more drink orders. 

So, you are buying or renting a polisher which will pay for itself within months, or save over £70.00 per week if rented and has the additional benefits;

  • Perfect cutlery
  • Immediate return of washed cutlery (no cutlery mountain waiting to be polished)
  • Less cutlery needs to be purchased
  • No damp towels to be washed or blue roll purchased and disposed of

Summing up, if your staff spend more than one hour per day hand polishing cutlery, our polisher can save you money, you can rent a polisher from £3.57 per day, which is cheaper than employing someone to stand around hand polishing for one hour. 

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