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Would you like to save up to £4,000 every year on Cutlery Polishing?

Why buy or rent our cutlery polishers?

  • Efficiently remove watermarks
  • Achieve a consistently high sheen
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Free up your waiting staff
  • Removes the need for the purchase and disposal of paper towels
  • Reduces laundry costs
  • Gives a much faster cutlery cleaning turnaround
  • Eliminates cross contamination from dirty cloths and all machines are fitted with a UV-C lamp which effectively removes COVID-19.

Keeping costs low is paramount in the current climate, our polishers greatly reduce the labour intensive task of hand polishing whilst sanitising & removing all viruses.

It takes time, especially if you want consistent and impressive results and it's expensive. Count the hours, add the cost of polishing cloths, washing and drying costs AND you have less time to focus on core business. Restaurants are busy and fast paced environments. With a model to suit every environment, our cutlery polishers have been designed to specifically remove the costs and associated time constraints of hand polishing cutlery to a fine standard.

"Don't take our word for it, have a free trial at your restaurant". 

We match the polisher to the dishwasher enabling a flow of washed to polished cutlery in the same process. Rent our mid sized cutlery polisher for £3.57 per day. It is cheaper to rent a cutlery polisher for a whole day than have an under 18 or apprentice polish your cutlery for 1 hour. 

Covid Free with our Cutlery Polisher. Every Polisher has a UV-C light fitted which eliminates Covid-19
  • UV lamp inside polisher kills Covid-19
  • Unrivalled service backup across the whole of the UK
  • Polishing cutlery since 1999
  • 2 years warranty as standard*
  • Free trial
  • Oldest polisher still being used is now 17 years old
  • Buy or rent
  • Over 7000 users in the UK.

Important Information; UV-C Light

UV-C is well known in its capability to kill germs and viruses. All of our cutlery polishers are equipped with a UV-C light bulb which operates at the optimal germicidal wavelength of 254 nm. The UV bulb breaks down and eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria’s which makes it impossible for the microorganisms to replicate and infect. 

Please carry out a simple check on your polisher to ensure your bulb is working. Look for a blue light emitting from the exit chute when switched on. Bulbs last for 8000 hours. DO NOT use the UV light to disinfect your skin, this is dangerous and can cause skin irritations. More Info

Rental Customer Notice:

We understand the difficulties you are facing, and we are doing everything we can to support you. Keeping costs low is paramount in the current environment, and our polishers save hours of time and bundles of money. In the case of a full lock down, we will not charge you for your polishers! (Just one of the many benefits of renting with us).

Planned preventative maintenance has resumed, our technicians are equipped with full PPE and they will take care maintaining social distancing measures whilst on site. Please continue to use your polisher wherever possible, the UV light inside removes viruses from your cutlery. Leaving your staff and customers safe to handle and use your cutlery. If you need a UV light or grain, contact us and we will send it to you ASAP.

What our clients say

We won't let you back in the building to collect the machine :)  The cutlery machine has proven to a most useful piece of equipment.

Royal Artillary Mess


Purchase replacement polishing Grain 

We sell de-dusted and pre-measured bags of polishing grain which is suitable for any cutlery polisher brand. You can buy direct online here. We aim to dispatch our grain with next working day delivery, as long as you order by 3pm. See our delivery guide for more. 

If you need any more information, feel free to call us on 01474 873892.

NEW: Refurbished Cutlery Polishers Available

Our refurbished cutlery polishers are now available on our online shop. We will be adding refurbished polishers as and when they are available, be quick as they sell very fast! Email us if you have a specific model in mind that is not currently available and we will get in touch when one comes up. 

View available models here

Our Customers

UK Wide Services

We are based in the heart of Kent, but we have polishers across the whole of the UK and have been known to send out cutlery polishers around the world. We have a team of demonstrators who can usually fit you in a demonstration and trial within a few days and we have strategically located technicians who usually get to you first thing tomorrow if not today. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements or find out more information about any of our cutlery polishers and accessories.

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