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Cutlery Polisher Rentals

How does rental work

Our rental plan completely minimises risk, we do everything, and all you have to do is use it and occasionally change the grain. We schedule preventative maintenance services every 4 months where we check over all key components, replace any parts and accessories which need changing and give the polisher a deep clean and a grain change.

If in the rare case of a breakdown in-between PM visits, callouts are covered in the rental plan and we aim to be on site within 24 hours of a callout placed. We always achieve a first time fix, so we will get you up and running again before you know it.

We leave spare bags of grain on site during our PM visit so you can change your grain when you need to. If you are a heavy usage site and require more grain, simply give us a call or send us a message and we will get some grain dispatched for you for the following day.

The hospitality industry has a high turnover of staff, our machine is very simple to use but you must follow strict rules to get the best from it. If you require staff retraining we can arrange for a rep to visit your site, assess your kitchen layout and go over re-training with all on site staff.

Our rental plan has no hidden costs and your rental price will never increase and at 3 years, your polisher will be upgraded.

How much does it cost? 

Our mid sized machine is £3.57 per day, under the current economic and social environment, hiring a polisher is a no-brainer. It is far safer than hand polishing in terms of spreading germs and it is more economical.

It is cheaper to rent one of Cutlery Polishers for a whole day of use than it is to employ an apprentice on minimum wage to polish cutlery for 1 hour a day. 

We guarantee our cutlery polishers will save you money, and before deciding if the rental plan is right for you, you can trial a cutlery polisher for 1 week and evaluate how much you can save in time and money.

April 2021 Minimum Wage

23+ 21-22                   18-20                    Under 18                         Apprentice                      

£ Per Hour

£8.91                     £8.36       £6.56         £4.62             £4.30            

Source:, 2021

What is included?

  • A Polisher
  • A stand or trolley (if required)
  • Basket holder
  • Twin baskets
  • All polishing grain
  • Sound reduction and protection mat
  • PM services every 4 months
  • Callouts, parts and labour
  • Continuous staff training
  • Delivery and installation

What rental options do we offer?

We offer 2 types of rental plans; contract and non-contract.

Contract Rental

Includes all of the above but you sign up for a 3 month cancellation period (once you cancel you keep the polisher for 3 more months). This is the slightly cheaper rental option.

Non Contract Rental

Includes all of the above but there is no contract, when you no longer require the machine, give us a call, we will stop payments as of that day and we will collect the machine within a week.

Seasonal Rentals

Our christmas rental is a minimum of 12 weeks. Depending on when you get the polisher you can make sure you cover the Christmas period, New Year’s Period and Valentines Day in February or if you start the plan earlier you can cover Halloween, Fireworks night, Christmas and New Year.

We have a limited amount of Christmas Stock, please get in touch early if you want to guarantee a polisher. We don’t want you to have to hand polish at the busiest time of year, but once our stock is gone, it’s gone.

Everything above is covered in the Christmas rental.   

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