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Cutlery Polisher Warranty

2 Year Full Parts and Labour Warranty

Models; Nicem Mini 2000, Nicem Mini 3500, Nicem Midi 7000 

Our Cutlery Polishers and their components come with a 2 year full parts and onsite labour warranty. If the product or its components are faulty due to defects in material or workmanship, then we, The Cutlery Polisher Company LTD will repair or replace the product at no charge. 

We aim to provide high quality products to our customers, a warranty failure means that a component has failed during the warranty period due to poor manufacture. The UV-C lamp is not a warranty part and needs to be replaced periodically. 

Non warranty incidences include; 

- UV-C lamp 

- Damage to casings due to impact 

- Tank being knocked off of its springs

- Tank deterioration due to incorrect grain being used, infrequent replacement of grain or ingree of water.

Please contact us on 01474 873 792 for warranty issues and service or email us on



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