UV lamp
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UV lamp

CODE: UVlamp

Germicidal/Ultraviolet Lamp to keep grain bacteria free

UV lamp

   Ultra Violet Lamp 

Our UV lamp ensures your grain and cutlery remains bacteria free. These lamps should be changed annually!

Throughout the year make sure you gently wipe over the lamp to remove any dust. 

They are very simple to fit, you will receive an allen key with your lamp to fit it. 

  1. Isolate the polisher from the mains by unplugging.
  2. Undo the two top side screws, allowing the front to pivot forward
  3. Place your fingers on the UV tube and gently rotate anti-clockwise 45 degrees; this will release the tube.
  4. Place the new tube in the holder and reverse what you have just done.

Please see instructions on our downloads tab or our downloads page. 

Is Your Bulb Working

If there is a blue light emitting from the exit chute (where the cutlery comes out) then your UV lamp is working. If there isn't a blue light, you need to get one!

Quantity: 1 lamp
Compatibility: All Nicem Cutlery Polishers


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