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Mini 3500 Cutlery Polisher Rental

Cutlery Polisher Close Up

All Inclusive Rental Includes:

  • Absolutely everything; its all inclusive!
  • All accessories; basket holder, baskets, sound mats and trolley
  • All of your polishing grain
  • Preventative maintenance services every 4 months
  • Reactive call-outs, parts and labour
  • Staff re-training

See our rental guide for more information.

Want to Rent our Mini 3500 Cutlery Polisher? 

It's our most popular Cutlery Polisher and used widely across the UK. Our all inclusive rental is completely risk free. You pay a set weekly fee which will never increase. We have 2 rental plans available; contract and non-contract. Please see our Rental Guide for more information.


Output: 3500+ pieces per hourMini 2000 Cutlery Polisher

Weight: 45kg

Dimensions: 57w x 52d x 41h cm (79 cm h on trolley)

Voltage: 240v

Power: 13 amp single phase

Grain per load: 3.0kg

Seats: 80-150

Dishwasher: Hood dishwasher or small rack conveyor

Mini 3500 Users: Beefeater, Google, JD Wetherspoon, Soho Farmhouse, The Folly, The Ivy

Features: UV lamp to keep grain bacteria free which kills Covid-19 and top loading, it can polish a basket of cutlery faster than your dishwasher can wash. 

How To Use:

Place handfuls of washed, still wet cutlery into the side loading entry chute, leaving 5 seconds between each handful. After 35 seconds perfectly dried and polished cutlery will emerge from the exit chute into the front basket.

Free Week Trial:

Our free week trial allows you to try the right size and evaluate how much you can save over the course of one week. We deliver a polisher of your choice, install it, train you to use it and leave it with you for one week. At the end of the week you can buy, rent or have the machine collected. To arrange a trial, give us a call on 01474 873 892 or use the form below. 

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