Nicem Mini Compact 2000 Cutlery Polisher with 2 Years Full Parts and Labour Warranty
£ 1995.00 New Available online
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Nicem Mini Compact 2000 Cutlery Polisher with 2 Years Full Parts and Labour Warranty

CODE: Mini 2000

£1999.00 excluding VAT. Buy or Rent our Mini 2000 Cutlery Polisher which is compact and side loading. It can be mounted on a table top or placed on a stand under a work surface or on a movable trolley. We recommend taking a free week trial first.


This machine polishes up to 2000 pieces per hour. It’s a compact cutlery polisher for when space is an issue.

It is suitable for up to 80 seater restaurants or where space is an issue and is suitable for under counter dishwashers or small hood dishwashers. 

Mini 2000 users include; Benugo, Creams, Kaspas, Masala Zone and Pizza Hut

How To Use:

Place handfuls of washed and still wet cutlery into the side loading entry chute, leaving 4-5 seconds between each handful. After 35 seconds perfectly dried and polished cutlery will emerge from the exit chute into the front basket. 

Purchase Includes:

  • Mini 2000 Polisher

  • Trolley

  • Basket Holder

  • Cutlery Baskets

  • Starter Pack of Grain (enough for 2 months)

  • Sound Reduction Mat 

  • Delivery, Installation and On-Site Staff Training

  • 2 Years Full Parts and Labour Warranty

All Inclusive Rental:

See our rental guide and get in contact if you want a risk free, all inclusive rental plan for a cutlery polisher. This machine is £3.57 per day to rent, so as long as you can save that, this polisher is a no-brainer. 

Mini 2000 Features:

  • UV lamp to keep your grain bacteria free

  • Side Loading

  • Compact size for restaurants with limited space

After Care:

At the end of each day wipe over the cutlery polisher internally and externally to remove the build of dust. Change the grain regularly (every 4-8 weeks depending on usage) and we recommend one safety check/service per annum to keep the machine working both optimally and safely. (This is a condition of the second year warranty). If you take the rental option, all grain and servicing is included in the plan.

Free Week Trial:

Our free week trial allows you to try the right size and evaluate how much you can save over the course of one week. We deliver a polisher of your choice, install it, train you to use it and leave it with you for one week. At the end of the week you can buy, rent or have the machine collected. To arrange a trial, give us a call on 01474 873 892 or use the form below. 


Throughput of stainless steel cutlery: 2000 pieces per hour
Throughput of silver cutlery: 1500 pieces per hour
Power supply required: 13 amp single phase
Voltage: 240v (other voltages available on request – a surcharge may be applied)
Machine dimensions: 40 cm h x 40 cm w x 30 cm d
 Net Weight: 27Kg
Granulate per load: 2.5Kg
Seats: Up to 80 or for restaurants with limited space
Dishwasher Type: Under counter or small hood dishwasher
Mini 2000 Users: Benugo, Creams, Kaspas, Masala Zone, Pizza Hut


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