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Polishing Grain

Our Polishing Grain: De-Dusted & Pre-Measured                         

The granulate we use is derived from corn; it’s fully biodegradable and non-hazardous. It is very absorbent and gives a perfect finish to stainless steel and silver cutlery. Over time the grain requires replacing to keep the machine delivered a perfect finish every time. We recommend every 4-8 weeks, depending on site usage. Our UV lamp keeps grain and cutlery germ and bacteria free (including Covid-19).

Our grain is de-dusted, pre-measured and packaged into bags with instructions written on the front to ensure grain changing is as simple as it can be. The bags come in 2.5kg, 3.0kg and 5.0kg bags.

Our grain is perfectly safe for both use and disposal and is hypoallergenic (it is safe to use in gluten free restaurants. Buy Grain online HERE

Grain FAQ's

How often do I need to change the grain?                                     

You should change your grain every 4 weeks if you are a heavy usage site and every 8 weeks if you are a low usage site. You should change the grain when…

  • You have been using the same grain for 2 months
  • Your cutlery is coming out slower due to not enough grain in the tank
  • Your grain colour has changed from beige to a darker brown colour
  • Results are not as good as previously
  • There has been a spillage of anything other than water into the polisher

How much grain do I need?

Mini 2000 takes 1 x 2.5kg,

Mini 3500 takes 1 x 3.0kg 

Midi 7000 takes 2 x 2.5kg bags of grain (5kg total)

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How do I change my grain?

  • Use a vacuum to remove the grain currently in the polisher
  • Wipe over the machine and tank with a damp cloth to remove any dust
  • Empty a fresh bag of grain into the polisher
  • DO NOT top up old grain!
Hoover/Vacuum your grain from the polisher

How do I dispose of my grain? ­­­

Our grain is safe to dispose of with food waste.

Simply bin with your other food waste.

Put your grain in the bin

How do I order grain?

You can use our web shop to buy grain online or if you would prefer to do it offline you can give us a call and place your order over the phone. 

If you have an account with us, we are happy to take your orders via email or telephone and we will dispatch goods with an invoice. If you haven't got an account with us, please buy online or set one up. We will require payment before dispatching goods if you do not yet have an account with us. 

How do i order?

How can I tell if I have enough grain in the polisher?

If the polisher becomes slow then you might not have enough in the tank. Top up with a pint of grain or empty out and re-fill with the correct measure. If you have had the grain in the machine for a while do not top up the grain, insert a full fresh bag. 

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Why is my grain spitting out of the cutlery polisher with the cutlery?

If you don’t allow your grain time to dry or heat up to temperature, the grain will swell in size and won’t filter back into the tank. Leave your machine running for 20 minutes before use to ensure grain is dry and warm and leave it for another 20 minutes after you have finished using the machine for the day.

Why is the grain getting stuck in the cutlery?

  1. The cutlery has not been washed correctly, grease remains on the cutlery and the grain then sticks to this

  2. The grain is wet; before and after each shift the grain must be allowed to dry, so leave it running without cutlery going through it. Before and after every use, leave the polisher running for 20 minutes. This will make sure the grain is dry and at the right size. If the grain is saturated with water it will expand and get stuck in forks. ­

How much is your grain?

  • 1 refill for a Mini 2000 Cutlery Polisher is £15.00 + vat (1 x 2.5kg bag) 
  • 1 refill for a Mini 3500 Cutlery Polisher is £15.00 + vat (1 x 3.0kg bag) 
  • 1 refill for a Midi 7000 Cutlery Polisher is £30.00 + vat (2 x 2.5kg bag) 

How do I order grain if I rent a Cutlery Polisher?

If you are on our all inclusive rental plan simply email, call or use our web chat if we are online or use our contact form. All we need to know is where you want the grain delivered and how many bags you need. Do not buy online if you rent your polisher; grain is included!

How do I buy grain if I own a Cutlery Polisher?

You can buy grain online here, or you can email, call or use our web chat if we are online or use our contact form. All we need to know is who you are, where you want the grain delivered, quantity and size and your email address. Click here to SHOP

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Is your grain suitable for gluten free restaurants?

Yes, is the short answer. Sweetcorn is gluten free, our grain is derived from corn husk, no food is used and it’s hypoallergenic and safe for use in restaurants that cater to gluten free diners. Please click here for our Grain Analysis

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