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Service and Maintenance

Our Service Promise:

In 99% of occasions we attend site within 24 hours of a non-working polisher and 48 hours of a working polisher that needs attention and a 100% first time fix.

  • We can achieve these very high standards as our polishers are very robust, rarely breakdown and the close proximity to one of our National network of factory trained technicians
  • Our technicians are factory trained and their vans are fully stocked with all the parts to complete a first time fix.
  • Our technicians are strategically located so all parts of the UK can be accessed within 24 hours of a service.

Placing a Service Call

You can book a service using our service form, call us on 01474 873 892 or email us at

During the warranty period and on the rental plan, spare parts which have failed due to faulty manufacture are replaced free of charge. After the warranty, we have a fixed cost of £95.00 for a service; this includes all labour, parking and tolls. The only additional costs would be for spare parts that are required. You will always be advised should a spare part be required before fitting.

All Inclusive Rental – Risk Free Unlimited Service

Our all-inclusive means all-inclusive! Absolutely everything is covered including labour, parking, tolls and spare parts required. It also covers accidental damage and misuse of our polishers; it is completely risk free, there are no extra costs.

If you have a rental polisher and require a service between the periodic scheduled maintenance visits simply phone, email or contact us through our service form below.

In 99% of occasions we attend site within 24 hours of a non-working polisher and 48 hours of a working polisher that needs attention and a 100% first time fix. On the rental plan, if we can’t fix it, we replace it there and then.

Common Fixes – You may not need an engineer

The majority of calls placed are for common problems which do not require an engineer to attend site and can be easily solved on site without technical knowledge.

List of problems starting with the most common;

Is your cutlery going in wet (and not allowed to dry first)?

Number one reason for poor results; allowing the cutlery to dry after washing. It’s a common misperception that if the washed cutlery is re wet, then it will polish.

This isn’t the case, the hot washed cutlery dries with calcium marks (spotting) which cannot be removed with water alone and must be re washed.

The solution is to polish immediately after washing, if this isn’t possible, wash, then immerse in a vessel of water, the cutlery can then be polished at any time and the results will be great.

Is your cutlery being washed properly?

The cutlery polisher can be seen as a check for the dishwasher system, washed cutlery will always exit the polisher table ready as along as the dishwasher is washing it correctly;

1. Don’t overload the dishwasher basket with cutlery, the centre pieces won’t get washed. 90 pieces is perfect

2. Do pre-soak the cutlery in water before washing, if you’re not doing this it will make a great difference to the finished cutlery. Place a vessel of water on the dishwasher table so that the returning dirty cutlery can be placed into water, even better if this vessel has a splash of detergent in it, this will start to break down the grease before washing and will greatly help the dishwasher to work correctly

3. Check the inside of the dishwasher, if it has a white powder coating, the softener isn’t working. This will stop any chance of correctly washed cutlery, or any other washed item. Call your service technician

4. Do you have detergent and is it working; just check that the detergent bottle has detergent in it and that the tube is immersed in the detergent




Have you changed your grain recently?

Replacing grain can resolve many issues.Has your grain been contaminated by anything other than water?

Sometimes a spillage into the grain can lead to poor results; simply change the grain to see if this resolves the issue

Is your cutlery going in wet (and not being allowed to dry?)

Number one reason for poor results; the cutlery is washed and left to dry, its then re wet and polished. The results will be terrible as the water marks have already formed, re-wetting won’t cure this. Always wash and then polish without allowing the cutlery to dry. If required, wash and then drop into a vessel of water whilst still wet, then you can polish the still wet cutlery whenever you wish. 

Cutlery Polisher isn’t polishing as well:

  • UV bulb needs replacing: The germicidal lamp keep the grain clean, this must be replaced at 8000 hours, in simple terms, replace annually
  • The polisher is very dusty; the polishing medium is vegetable based (corn cobs) occasionally when the grain is changed the new grain gives off dust before it settles. Just use for a day and this will resolve the problem
  • Cutlery keeps jamming inside the tank; generally this is a case of being low on polishing medium. If in doubt simply vacuum out the old grain and refill with the correct Nicem refill, this will be the correct amount to use
Polished Forks

You should change your Grain when:

You should change your grain when:

  • You have been using the same grain for 2 months 
  • Your cutlery is coming out slower due to not enough grain in the tank
  • Your grain colour has changed from beige to a darker brown colour
  • Results are not as good as previously
  • Spillage of anything other than water into the polisher

To change your grain:

  • Isolate the polisher by removing the plug from the socket
  • Lift the lid on the polisher
  • Remove the D plate and nut
  • Use a vacuum to remove the grain currently in the polisher
  • Wipe over the machine and tank with a damp cloth to remove any dust
  • Empty the contents of a new bag of grain into the polisher
  • Secure D plate and nut and shut the lid
  • Reconnect to the main supply

How To Order Grain:

  • You can purchase grain on our webshop
  • You can call us 01474 873 892
  • You can email us

If you are a rental customer please do not buy any grain on our website, call us, email us or use our contact form as it is included.


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